“In order to manufacture products that are safe for babies to use, there is absolutely no room for negligence in the entire 
production process.” (Merries)


Brand Philosophy

Merries places great importance on babies' happiness and comfortability both in mental and physical aspects to bring them smiles. A smiling baby makes mom and dad happy and their smiles, in turn, make babies smile more and more. "Smile & Smile" is the Merries wish for all families. In order to realize that, Merries aims to be the world's best "diaper for being gentle on baby's skin" and continues to deliver products that contribute to the healthy growth of baby's mind and body.

Exceptional quality

The ultimate quality comes from the Japanese way of life, advanced technologies, the traditional approach to children and the close relation with nature. Only top quality materials are used for production of Japanese diapers. Unique finding of non-woven cloth formulated with natural witch hazel solution makes the cases of diaper rash or dermatitis scarcely rare even though the baby's skin is so delicate.

Safe materials

Japanese diapers are made of clean and safe materials without use of formaldehyde, phtalates and chlorine compounds. To prevent the baby from developing diaper rash, Merries chooses to use a non-woven cloth that is formulated with witch hazel solution to provide gentle care for the baby's skin. This plant extract was widely used for medicinal purposes by Native Americans as a natural remedy for healing sores, bruises and swelling. It is widely known for its strong anti-oxidant and astringent properties.

Ultra soft and breathable

The breathable top sheet inside a diaper is wavy and very soft. It allows air to flow freely between the diaper and the baby's skin and does not stick to the baby's bum. Super Absorbent Fiber non-woven sheet achieves the goal of being gentle to the skin. It was designed with a unique dimpled construction to reduce the surface area in direct contact with the skin and virtually eliminate dampness, moist heat buildup, and chafing. That's why you baby always stays dry and comfortable. 

Gentle to the baby's delicate skin

After a baby wets her diaper, an environment of damp heat is created that can easily cause a rash to form on the baby's delicate skin. For this reason, Merries began to explore the idea of a diaper that traps fluids in while allowing water vapor to escape. The manufacturer developed a new breathable sheet, the first of its kind in the world, that helps prevent humidity from building up inside, thus making the diaper gentle on the skin and less prone to generate diaper rash. To provide even greater comfort, Merries also developed air-through non-woven sheets for the diaper surface next to the baby's skin, which is soft and effectively wicks away the urine. In addition, a super-absorbent polymer was created and other high-function materials that keep the wetness locked away. 

Thin and soft

The breathable sheet used in Merries diapers may appear to be no more than a flat, smooth film, but actually it has thousands of tiny pores, making it permeable to water vapor. These pores are not more than one-five-hundredth the size of a water droplet but are 500 times larger than the size of water vapor molecules. For this reason, they can prevent leakage of water droplets while allowing water vapor to pass through.They also feature anti-slip elastic waist band with reusable magic seals on both sides and non-woven cloth formulated with natural witch hazel solution.

Color-changing wetness indicator line

All sizes have a triple striped indicator line turning blue when it is time to change a diaper. This feature makes it super convenient especially in a hassle environment when you are on the go.

Cute design

Every size has its own very cute diaper design that makes the diaper look very pretty and colorful. 

Walker pants diapers

The soft gathers hold the diaper in place at the waist so it does not slip, no matter how active your baby is! It releases moisture that comes not only from pee but also sweat. Surprisingly, baby's tummy and back become hot and sticky easily. Most brands of tape diapers use non-breathable plastic for the tape area around the waist. But Merries takes special care in the selection of material for the waist area by choosing a unique non-woven cloth of superior quality. This attention to detail successfully resolves the hot and sticky problem around the baby's tummy area!


  • Keep babies and toddlers away from source of flame. Disposable diapers are not flame resistant and will burn if exposed to flame. 
  • Due to the danger of suffocation, do not allow babies or toddlers to play with plastic bags.
  • To avoid risk of choking, do not allow babies or toddlers to tear the diaper.