We are a group of young people who started this business after being parents ourselves. Being conscious and healthy individuals ourselves taking good care about everything we consume, we decided to do our own research of US and Canada diapers. We tried a very good part of them, if not them all, from a low price range to the very expensive brands and none of them actually performed well enough to meet our high standards. As every parent does, we were striving to find unquestionably safe products for our babies and were utterly frustrated to realize that we were looking for ideal and perfect products. Surprisingly, we found that most diapers don’t disclose their ingredients on the package.This is how we discovered Japanese brand Merries that thousands of Internet users were praising.

First we imported a very few quantity for our babies directly from Japan and what we saw was a big relief. These diapers did not leak, did not have any weird smells or odors, they were extremely soft, did not cause any reaction and fitted perfectly well on those tiny hips and legs. Besides, all (!!!) sizes have a color-changing indicator line turning blue when it's time to change it and a magic seal allowing you to open and close diapers as many times as you need without going loose.

We are sure you are here for the same reasons of getting only the best for your little ones and we started this business to share this product with other parents because we believe that every baby deserve only the best. We made it our purpose to offer this exceptional quality which is not available in North America so that you can create a safe environment for your baby and focus on more important things. Diapers you will find in our shop are 100% made in Japan in line with the Japanese quality standards that are far more stringent than those in US or Canada, 100% for the Japan domestic market and imported directly from Japan by sea and by pallet service

We hope we helped your busy life as a parent a bit!


Why choose us? What makes us different from the other guy?


We offer:

  • Our goods shipped in bulk straight from Japan in containers.
  • Exceptional customer service. Send us an email and let us help you.
  • We have all sizes in our store, so you don't have to go to anywhere else.
  • Our goal is to keep the price for our lovely customers as low as we can, that's why we do not run a retail store and do not use the expensive delivery options. However, if you wish to send your order with a delivery company of your choice, we will do our best to accommodate your request.