We would like to give special thanks to our families and friends for their support. And to the special people and businesses who have helped or otherwise given support to this project. If it were not for all of you we would not have had been where we are now. Whether you have given of your personal time, moral support or inspiration, extended your expertise and knowledge, offered advertising opportunities, materials or leads, we are very grateful. As a token of appreciation we would like to take a moment to honor you on this page.

Foothills Medical Clinic and personally Dr. Darryl Ableman, MD.

MedSpa Health Center and personally Nadia Petrova, RMT

Anna Glushkova, Graphic Designer

Melissa Leach, Hair Dresser and Stylist Professional

Essence Laser Spa and personally Kiran Badesha, Esthetician

ABBY's Food Mart and personally Maria Kim

MIJ Automotive Inc. and personally Taka Sasaki

JJ Family Spa Plus 

Centaurus Market and personally April